Configure pre-defined versions for packaging in LemonEdge Launcher

The Application administrator can restrict/allow options in the LemonEdge Launcher by using Generate Config feature. 


  1. This article assumes that the LemonEdge Launcher has been configured and desired LemonEdge Versions are also downloaded. For more information check here LemonEdge Launcher Guide
  2. SAS Key to download LemonEdge Client versions(s) from blob storage. 


Packaging the client versions 

  1. Open the LemonEdge Launcher.
  2. In the Settings screen, click on the Generate Config button. Generate Configuration dialog box should appear as shown below.
  3. Ensure all the checkboxes are unchecked.
  4. Click on the Generate Config button. The selected settings will be saved into a file at the following location. 
  5. Open the LemonEdge Launcher directory.
  6. Copy the database file from step 4 into configToDeploy directory.
  7. Copy the LemonEdge zipped client(s) version to be packaged into clientsToDeploy directory.
  8. Restart the Launcher application to confirm the changes are applied. As shown below, the Setting button is no longer visible. The user can now only launch the LemonEdge QA Stable client. 
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