Support 101: How to raise and manage your Support Requests

The LemonEdge support team should be to your go-to (alongside our extensive documentation) for any issues, questions, or feature requests you have. You can raise support requests through or alternatively by emailing - if you prefer emailing your Implementation Manager or other teams directly for help, we highly recommend copying in our support address in all your support-related interactions so the entire team has visibility into your issue. 

How to raise a support request:

1. Head to and sign in
2. Once signed in, hit 'Submit a request' next to your name. 

3. Then, select your issue - you will most likely be selecting 'Support Request'. 


4. Your form gives you all the flexibility you need to tell us about your issue and also prompts you for valuable information that will help us triage and resolve your issue quicker. 



We strongly recommend providing as much detail as possible and selecting the relevant issue type if you are able to . 

5. Once you type in a subject, LemonEdge Support automatically recommends relevant help articles and documentation - please peruse the recommended help articles to see if your issue has already had a documented resolution. 

6. Once you have submitted your ticket, you should be able to see some additional details on the right panel including who has been assigned to your ticket (if automatic), your issue type, priority and most importantly the status of your ticket. 


Our ticket statuses help you keep track of how far along your ticket is on its journey to a resolution. 


7. If after you have submitted a ticket, you feel that the ticket has been resolved, you can click 'Mark as solved' at the bottom of your ticket to close it out. We will close your ticket from our end if we feel that it has been resolved. 
Raising a support ticket through email

1. Simply send us an email with your support request via

2. You should get an email back with a link to your support ticket and confirming that we have received it. 


Please provide as much information as you can through email - this will help us triage and resolve your ticket quicker. 

Viewing your own requests, requests raised by your colleagues organisation and managing them

1. At click on 'Requests'. 

2. Here, you can view your own requests, requests you have been CC'd on, and other requests raised within your organisation. 


3. If you click on the filter button next to search, you can filter requests by status - we recommend viewing requests in 'Awaiting reply' first as these are the requests we are waiting on your response for. 



Once filtered, you can keep track of your filters here (you can also combine filters for the view you like):

4. We automatically provide you with the subject, ID, dates, and statuses of the requests - however, we have plenty of other fields you can view and filter by if you'd like to. Just click the drop down menu next to status and select the field you like there. 


5. If you'd like to be notified of all the requests raised, altered and resolved in your organisation - feel free to click 'Follow organisation'. Please note the number of updates can be quite extensive. 




At - you can also find all of our documentation. You can search for your query or navigate through the sections displayed. 



Service Level Agreements


If you have any issues or further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or


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