LemonEdge Launcher Guide

In this guide, We will walk you through the steps to download & configure LemonEdge Launcher on your computer.


You should receive the following from LemonEdge

  1. Azure blob storage URL to download the Launcher
  2. SAS Key to download LemonEdge client

Step 1: Download the Launcher

1. LemonEdge will provide an Azure Blob storage URL to download the Launcher.

2. Download and save the zipped Launcher file. 

3. Create a new folder called “LemonEdge – Launcher” in Program Files, your C Drive, or where you currently have write access 

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4. Extract or Paste the contents of the downloaded zip file into this new folder

5. Launch this file from within the folder:

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Step 2: Setting up the Launcher

  1. Open the folder where the Launcher was unzipped. 
  2. Click on the LemonEdge.Launcher.Clients.Avalonia.exe.
  3. On the bottom-left corner of the Launcher UI, click on Settings to open the settings screen.



In the Setting screen, paste the SAS Key provided by LemonEdge in the SAS Key textbox as shown below.


Step 3: The Launcher Profile

Click on the Profiles button to open the Profiles Screen.

Follow the following steps to create a LemonEdge launcher profile

  1. Click on the Add New Profile button at the top right corner2.jpg
  2. Edit Connection Profile dialog should be displayed.
  3. We now have the choice to connect to the LemonEdge database directly or via the LemonEdge Webservice

To connect via the Service

  1. Enter a profile name
  2. Copy the Webservice URL and paste into the Service URI box. The Login Method should automatically populate.
  3. Enter the email in the Login Email box.
  4. Hit the Save button.
  5. The LemonEdge Client should now automatically download.4.jpg

To connect via the Database

  1. Enter a profile name
  2. Enter the Server name and the Database already created on the server.
  3. Select Login Method – Username & Password
  4. Enter the email in the Login Email
  5. Select the Update Method
    1. Version – Download based on the version number
    2. Channel – Download based on the release channel


Step 4: How to Launch the LemonEdge Application

Open the Launcher.

In the Profiles screen, click on the Launch button to start the LemonEdge application.




The Application login screen will be displayed.

Please see, the version number is displayed at the bottom left corner.



Additional Notes:

Launcher config is deployed  to: %AppData%\LemonEdge.Launcher\

More details on the content of this location

%AppData%\LemonEdge.Launcher\clients one or more folders container Client binaries
%AppData%\LemonEdge.Launcher\logs Launcher logs
%AppData%\LemonEdge.Launcher\localstorage Launcher configuration
%AppData%\LemonEdge.Launcher\admin Configuration storage file for packaged deployment. For more info check here Configure pre-defined versions for packaging in LemonEdge Launcher


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