When and How To Reset System Roles

When to use "Reset System Roles"

"Reset System Roles" is a process used to reset standard roles and teams to have all the correct default functionality for Admin and Standard User Roles. 

Executing this process is sometimes required after an upgrade has been installed. The tell-tale sign, as noted in the below screenshot, is your "Home" tab missing (API being the first tab on the left).  

Running this process will kick off a Server Task (progress viable in the Progress Bar in the top right corner of your screen). 



How to Execute "Reset System Roles"

Navigation: Open Architecture >> Reset System Roles


  1. Click "Reset System Roles"
  2. Click "Yes" in the resulting Pop-upmceclip2.png
  3. Wait for the Process to complete
    • If in a local environment, ensure your Task Service is running
  4. Once the process is complete, you will see this window (click Yes):mceclip4.png

Once this has been complete, your "Home" tab should be there. 


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