How to: Downloading LemonEdge

Welcome to LemonEdge! The first step in getting you onboarded as a user is to download the product. This document outlines the process to download the LemonEdge product. If you need assistance downloading an add-in (Asset Management, Insurance, etc.), please see the links at the bottom of this document. 


  1. Hardware Requirements
    1. 16 GB+ RAM (32 GB+ if running SQL Server/local environments)
    2. 50 GB+ HDD
    3. 1.5GHz+
    4. Macs not currently supported
  2. Shared Keys file (provided from LemonEdge)


  1. Open your web browser and go to: 
  2. Locate your Shared Keys file (should have been provided by the LemonEdge Sales or Implementation team)
  3. Specifically, locate your "Private Shared Access Token" (red section in the below screenshot will contain your key)Support_Keys.png
  4. Return to your browser and copy/paste this into:mceclip1.png
  5. Select the relevant option from the dropdown where "Trial" is set by default
    • Trial = you are a prospective client/partner and have been given a Trial license by LemonEdge
    • Developer = you are a "Developer Console" user as designated by your license
    • Partner = you are an Implementation Partner
    • Production = you are a client embarking on an implementation or a new member of an existing client firm
  6. Click:
    • Full Desktop = if you are a client, partner or non-development user
    • Admin Console = if you are a "Developer Console" user as flagged in the previous step
  7. Click "Install" in the resulting windowmceclip2.png
  8. Concurrently - open a filer explorer window and create a folder called "LemonEdge" on your C: drive
  9. Once the install completes, open the downloaded zip file and right click + "Extract All" in the resulting file explorer windowmceclip3.png
  10. Paste all files within your LemonEdge folder (created in step 8)
  11. From within your LemonEdge, locate the appsettings.JSON file and open itmceclip4.png
    • Use Notepad or any development platform you prefer
  12. Refer to this section of your Shared Keys file and update the corresponding section within the appsettings fileappsettings.pngmceclip6.png
  13. Save the appsettings file and close it
  14. Return to your LemonEdge>>Windows folder and locate the LemonEdge application filemceclip7.png
  15. Pin that to your dock or create a desktop shortcut, as this is the actual application
  16. Once complete, open that shortcut and login using your Service URI + credentials

Once you've completed this - you can follow the instructions to download the asset management add-in through here.

Please reach out to with any questions. 

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