Create Custom Objects (Committing To Your Database)

15-20 min setup time


Now it comes to committing the table to your database. Really doing this depends on how many tables you want to create. You can 'stack' several tables and then create them all with on upgrade if you process it correctly

Creating your Stack of Tables

If you are committing one table, then once you have you object set up, check the Load Dynamically box if it isn't already, and change the storage type to PermanentDatabaseTable. At that point you should have something that looks something like this:


If you then click save you will then have a screen popup:


IF YOU SELECT THE COMMIT SCHEMA CHANGES TO DATABASE THE SYSTEM WILL THEN DO A DATABASE UPDATE. If you only have one table that you want to create, then it's fine to check the box and click ok. At that point the system will create the table in the Database. It might look initially as though nothing is happening, but after a few seconds you will have a process showing in the top right of the screen.

Creating Multiple Tables

If you are wanting to create multiple tables at one time, then you should not check the box shown in the screenshot above and click OK. That will start your 'stack'. Once you have your last table ready then you can either:

  • Check the box and click save, which will then push all the tables previously into the database upgrade
  • Not check the box and force a database upgrade yourself (API->AddInModules) then click the UpgradeDatabase icon
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