How To: Transfer Custom Entities

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The aim of this document is to describe the process that can be used to move custom entities from one environment to another. A basic use-case for this is where there is a need to move a table from a ‘Dev’ environment to a test one.


  • Knowledge on how to create a custom object
  • Knowledge on how to perform an import

Exporting Table

The first step is to export the custom table from the existing environment. In order to do this, navigate to the custom entities area in Lemonedge (Under API tab).

1. Select the table that you want to export and then under the menu, click Export Custom Object:


2. You’ll then be asked to save the item (.xml file):


At that point the export process is completed.


Importing Table

Import Function

To import the table, you need to import via Open Architecture>Import:


Change the file type to .xml and navigate to where you saved the export

Note: It is possible to upload more than one object at a time. In that case you just select multiple objects.

At the point that the import is completed, you’ll get a (similar) confirmation popup:


Automated Task

From the above, there is a task for each object that is automatically created. You can select either option, but they will fire regardless. The typical time for them is a few seconds.


Forcing Upgrade of Database

In order to interact with the object, you need to force an upgrade of the database. You can have multiple tables in this import, rather than firing for each

To force the upgrade navigate to API>AddIn Modules

Under the menu click Upgrade Database. Typical time for the upgrade is 15-20 minutes

After that the New Tables should be viewable under Open Architecture>Database Schema:






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