Create Custom Objects (Setup)

Custom objects can be used for reporting/ adding information onto screens. The steps required are detailed below. You can also skip a step if this isn’t your desired output.

Custom Objects, Lists, etc can all be found under the API menu:


Custom Entities Screen & Options

In clicking the Custom Entities button you will be given the following screen:


This is a complete list of the custom objects that are in the logged in database, creating a new object brings the following screen:


Setting the Name will then auto-populate the other boxes in red. The Description is also free text. Best practice is to use it to describe the purpose of the custom object.

The Load Dynamically check box will mean that once you save, it will allow you to interact with the table.

NOTE: The distiction between UserData and Permanent is around the full functionality of the table. UserData allows you to make sure that you have configured your object to have all of the requirements you have. Best practice is to use 'UserData' until you are happy with everything- then commit to the database.


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